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Wells Landers partners with industry leaders to build strong relationships in providing exceptional delivery of vendor solutions. Our capability spans development, deployment, delivery and documentation of end-to-end solutions that enable the technology of an enterprise to support business needs and performance outcomes.

Database Solutions: Wells Landers' expertise in database platforms spans design, architecture, and modeling; auditing and security; backup and recovery; data mining and warehousing; tuning and optimization; grids, clusters, cloning and replication; monitoring; and, storage and manipulation of data. Wells Landers team of experts can support Oracle, Sybase, Tomcat and DB2 across Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, Linux, Tru64, Windows NT, 2000 and XP platforms. Wells Landers services cover database design and architecture; deployment and maintenance as well as assessment, data architecture, governance and stewardship. Our database solutions are geared to creating robust deployments that are stable, reliable and provide maximum performance.

Storage and High Availability Computing: Partnering with companies such as Veritas, Symantec, NetApp, StoreTek, Sun, Pillar Data, and Dell; Wells Landers has the ability to design, deploy and maintain a variety of storage and high availability environments. Wells Landers' approach to high availability computing is to create a series of assessments- tactical, strategic and deployment to help the client understand current risks, long range and transition plans that will provide them the most stable, fault tolerant environment that meets their requirements.

Portal Development and Deployment: Wells Landers has extensive experience in creating web portals for our customers. Wells Landers has developed customizable portals that allow our clients to create a personalized view for multiple audiences based on user profiles and access roles. We have also integrated content management software, including industry leading EMC Documentum, which allows non-developers to add new content to existing portals. This allows users to take control of their web presence, and to lessen their dependence on the availability of web support personnel. Wells Landers engineers also have experience creating reusable portlets using WSRP and JSR-168 standards. These portlets are application and portal server independent and can be incorporated into portals provided by many vendors. Our experience with BEA, Websphere, and Sun portals allows us to integrate applications and services from a variety of vendors and platforms to create seamless solutions that span a variety of requirements.

Identity Management: Wells Landers Identity Management is one component of the overall Information Assurance Strategy that encompasses identity management and binding; security management and monitoring; access control & proxy services; and, protocol and format reduction and resource hardening. The services that encompass identity management and binding are identification; authorizations/authentication; role based access control (RBAC); cross domain data movement; PKI integrity and non-repudiation; marking and labeling of data; meta directory and meta data services; digital signature; biometric ID's; and federation of identity and data management.

Wells Landers engineers are familiar with and have prepared numerous systems for compliance with DCID 6/3 requirements for the NISCAP certification and accreditation process as well as developing a framework that can be used to prepare legacy applications for NISCAP.

Wells Landers partners with, and maintains strategic relationships with Veritas, Sun, BEA, IBM, Dell, Oracle, RSA, Foundry, Bell Labs, Sybase, Red Hat Linux, Microsfot, The Arlington Institute (TAI) and Global Data Guard (GDG) as part of our ability to develop and deploy enterprise-level identity solutions.

Network Engineering: Covering the five standard areas of network engineering: Fault; Configuration; Accounting; Performance; and, Security, Wells Landers network engineers have the ability to create services that are transparent to the end user. Wells Landers' network engineering methodology creates the ability to monitor network capacity, discovery, mapping and element management. Wells Landers expertise encompasses configuration management, change control and maintenance; software management and software distribution; electronic monitoring and diagnosis; inventory, audit, asset and security; along with the ability to create and manage service level agreements. Wells Landers offers the ability to perform System Readiness Assessments; System Integration Testing and Deployment that includes sub-system knowledge, unit level testing, use case scenario creation, stress testing; the ability to train and test systems at customer locations; and, integrate Solaris, Linux, and Windows into a network in order to provide a broader range of capabilities and services to the end user.

Signal Processing: In partnership with specific vendors, Wells Landers couples its expertise in telephony, cellular, narrow and wide band communications to provide a set of tools that can do real-time signal processing; bit-level processing and demultiplexing; exfiltration signals; protocol analysis and processing, SDH Overhead; and, hardware and software implementations utilizing DSP, FPGA and general purpose computers. Our ability to customize solutions and create new capabilities in this arena make us a unique player in leveraging signal processing capabilities.

Software Engineering and Development: Wells Landers' software engineers are experts in working with our customers to provide the best solutions for real-world problems that deliver results. Our expertise covers a wide variety of today's cutting edge technologies, with a special emphasis on providing enterprise and custom software development that cover J2EE and middleware infrastructure development to provide high quality solutions and services to our clients. In addition to expertise with integrating large scale deployments of products such as EMC Documentum; Metamatrix; Vignette Business Workspaces; Cognos ReportNet; OpNet; Oracle Oblix; RSA Cleartrust; HP Openview; Tibco JMS Messaging; Tarantella; CollabraSpace; Sun JES Suite; and, Sun Identity and Access Manager; Wells Landers also is involved in development and deployment of open source software such as JBoss, Spring, Axis, and Hibernate in order to provide our customers a wide array of choices and options to maximize capabilities and services.

Wells Landers' expertise in J2EE covers Swing, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS), Java Cryptography Extension (JCE), Java Management Extension (JMX), Java Media Framework (JMF), Jini and Java Spaces to build highly functional software and complete end-to-end solutions

Computer Forensics: Computer Forensics is a growing field that is dedicated to data recovery, point-in-time capture and auditing of use and access to files and computers. Our team of certified Forensic Analysts have the ability to maintain chain of custody and chain of authority over equipment in order to preserve legal authority of evidence while providing analysis that is needed to meet client requirements. Wells Landers uses a variety of methods to scope hardware and collect information related to capture, entity extraction and information that may be contained in a variety of manners. Wells Landers also offers a complete training facility that provides an intensive course to train engineers in the skills that are needed in this dynamic field.

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