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Information Assurance and Security: Information Assurance is an holistic approach to infusing security, audit and control into every layer of an enterprise to promote appropriate information sharing, access and usability. The Wells Landers approach to information assurance is to ensure that information is managed and the ability to disseminate information quickly and efficiently is engendered through appropriate controls and context. Wells Landers will partner with the client to define capabilities, requirements, competencies, standards and specifications that are needed to enable security monitoring and auditing; strong authentication and authorization; protocol reduction; confidentiality; chain of custody; data integrity; standardized security control labels; data architecture, governance and stewardship; and, federations of data and information. Wells Landers follows an in-depth approach to security to ensure that business needs and mission goals are facilitated through a clear strategy with defined goals and objectives. This strategic approach helps clearly link the business needs to the technology that will enable that vision.

Identity Management: Identity Management is a key to appropriate information sharing and security as well as establishing defined controls for management of access and authorization both internally and externally. Wells Landers has expertise in the leading products and suites to help establish and control information sharing; identity binding; non-repudiation; certificate authorities, policy and procedure; business process mapping and workflow; and, the ability to define roles and responsibilities throughout an agency or enterprise. Identity Management starts with an understanding of the requirements, goals and objectives of an enterprise along with an assessment of the current state. Wells Landers can then help establish a transition path that will create true identity federation and the ability to establish appropriate controls and procedures for an agency or enterprise. Coupled with Information Assurance, Identity Management becomes a foundation for building a secure enterprise.

Policy and Planning: Policy and Planning allows a client to create a dynamic view of their enterprise and consider operational constraints within the context of customer, business and legislative drivers. Wells Landers teams with out clients to provide a strategic, tactical and operational view of the enterprise in order to understand business needs and how they will be supported as the enterprise's missions and focus change to meet new threats and priorities. Our policy and planning methodology can help create measurement and alignment criteria to ensure adherence to strategic goals and objectives while providing a central focus on missions and performance outcomes. Policy and Planning drives the ability to measure the alignment of business goals and allows an enterprise to have flexibility in meeting changing needs.

Change Management: Wells Landers understands that agencies and companies go through continuous cycles of transformation and improvement. Wells Landers creates a structured approach to address business, organization and technology risks inherent in transforming the enterprise to optimize benefits and increase performance over the long-term. The structured approach to change allows us to take a pragmatic view of managing risks; increasing stakeholder participation; and, assessing organizational readiness for change and managing the process to successful completion. With best-of-breed methodologies, Wells Landers can create an action-oriented approach that is repeatable and focuses on achieving an increase on strategic drivers; scalability and flexibility; development of a disciplined process; and, aligning technology and business objectives.

Business Process Re-Engineering: Wells Landers understands that applying technology to inefficient, or broken process is not a practical way to achieve mission goals. Wells Landers will partner with our client to help them identify priority functions, sub-functions and processes and map those using common, standard languages such as BPEL and BPM to create a baseline, and a desired, workflow from which efficient processes may be created. Wells Landers will also partner with our client in creating a logical, phased approach to implementing change within the Enterprise to align the new processes with performance outcomes. Wells Landers can also deploy workflow products, train resources and provide periodic assessments to ensure that efficiency is maintained and that processes remain flexible to the changing needs of the company or agency.

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