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Enterprise Information Management Solutions

Wells Landers' Enterprise Information Management Solutions are focused on allowing an agency or company better describe the relationship between its business and missions, and the technology that enables clear performance outcomes. Our business and technical architects take an holistic approach to help drive efficiency in the acquisition, deployment and use of technology at every layer of an Enterprise. Our offerings revolve around key services that are needed to create a balance between cost, quality, services, and capabilities that enhance the ability of enduser, and customers.

Enterprise Architecture: Following standard development frameworks and methodologies such as Zachman, DoDAF and FEA (Federal Enterprise Architecture), Wells Landers can assist companies and agencies in realizing a mature enterprise that tightly couples technology to investment and performance outcomes. Enterprise Architecture not only helps our clients envision their enterprise from a long-term perspective, it also enables the creation of an actionable architecture and a logical, concrete approach to achieving the that vision.

Requirements Development and Management: Developing requirements requires far more skill than simply gathering needs from users. Effective requirements development requires a clear understanding of business needs, user-machine interactions, and prioritizations with business and IT strategies. Using a proven requirements management methodology implemented in Telelogic FocalPoint(tm), Wells Landers will help you to capture and prioritize requirements that satisfy business and IT needs.

Data Integration: We help architect the right solution of ETL, data warehouseing, data marts, and information management to assure your business uses have secure access the right information at the right time.

Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence is not just a dashboard, a set of reports, or desktop queries. Instead, Business Intelligence is a business capability for delivering actionable information, enabling decision makers to change behaviors and implement business transformations. Wells Landers will help you solve your business intelligence needs using our proven methodologies and approaches for designing and developing a complete Business Intelligence solution that meets your current and future needs. We will work with your team to identify and specify actionable reporting requirements; design and implement the underlying data infrastructure, business intelligence reporting tools; and develop timely reports for delivering actionable business intelligence your decision makers need and want.

Service Oriented Architecture: In order to help drive efficiency in the re-use of technology; leveraging of legacy systems; and, creating a flexible environment that allows companies and agencies to meet changing business and mission needs, Wells Landers offers a solution to help our clients achieve Service Oriented Architecture as a design philosophy in their Enterprise. Wells Landers will assist the client in creating the foundation infrastructure necessary to support SOA and define, and deploy the necessary technology, such as an Enterprise Service Bus, to achieve the efficiencies that SOA incorporates into its design framework.

Risk Management: Risk mitigation and planning is key to maintaining a stable, smooth-running enterprise. Wells Landers can assist in developing, at an Enterprise, Program or Application/Hardware level, the potential use case scenarios; threat assessments; and, mitigating factors with concrete action plans and decision points to maintain focus on missions, outcomes and performance metrics to ensure successful deployments and stable environments.

Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery Planning: Business Continuity is an on-going process of risk assessment, management and mitigation with the purpose of assuring that vital operations may continue. Wells Landers understands that Continuity of Operations is concerned with more than Disaster Recovery- Continuity addresses risks that could affect delivery, service, business and staff. Wells Landers works with our clients to minimize risk and delay; ensure reliability of critical systems; minimize decision making based on use cases; reduce probability of occurrence; ensure organizational stability; provide for orderly recovery; protect the organization; and, minimize legal liability. Wells Landers' COOP and DR services assist our clients in understanding business and mission impact; create use case scenarios; and, create and execute the strategy, plans and projects necessary to ensure stability and orderly recovery of systems, and our clients' missions and business objectives.

Infrastructure Management and Maintenance: Wells Landers understands that our client have diverse computing environments that span many technical competencies to deliver mission and business critical services. Wells Landers will partner with a client to build network operations centers (NOCs) and data centers with a single point of accountability to support disparate needs in a multivendor environment. Leveraging our internal expertise and vendor partnerships, Wells Landers is able to supply remedial maintenance; software and platform/hardware support; the implementation of sound change management controls; fault management; on-going maintenance and capacity planning; and, the ability to help train staff and provide knowledge transfer.

Program Management: Program and Project management are the keys to successful implementations and deployments. Our Program Management (PMO) expertise will assist the client in defining, and refining, project objectives with clearly stated goals and outcomes; managing the project budget and schedule; manage issues, risks and actions and ensure that mitigation, root cause analysis and corrective action are taken; establish a defined deliverable management plan; use tested change management processes; measure and analyze performance; and, create project, management, contract and status reports to effectively communicate with stake-holders, managers and oversight committees on progress.

Independent Verification and Validation: Wells Landers partners with our clients to provide industry best-practices for developing, deploying and utilizing systems of the high quality and value. Using standard methodology and industry best practices, Wells Landers will develop and implement an effective program to provide metrics and evaluate the status of programs and projects in order to promote productivity and efficiency; precise tracking against clearly defined metrics and outcome goals; and, promote effective change management to achieve program success and acceptance. The Wells Landers IV&V process includes quality assurance; definition of performance metrics; risk management; subcontractor management; the creation and execution of user acceptance programs; field testing; creation of use case scenarios; training; cost/benefit analysis; earned value reporting; impact analysis; budget reviews and opportunity cost analysis. As part of the IV&V program, Wells Landers will provide the necessary reporting and feedback mechanisms such as walkthroughs; quality audit and evaluation; coding and technology standards; Enterprise Architecture alignment; and, investment tracking and return in order to ensure that the program is successful and meets clients' expectations.

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