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Career Development
Joining Wells Landers means that you don't have to fit into a pre-determined mold to succeed. Here, you work with, and learn from, competent technologists who are dedicated to themselves, the client, and the work that they perform. The work you do will challenge you, and provide an opportunity to showcase your abilities and knowledge to a community of like-minded individuals.

Wells Landers offers an array of options to proactively manage your professional, and personal goals. Wells Landers offers opportunities to pursue management and business development career paths for those that want to add to their technical skill sets. At the same time, Wells Landers offers opportunities to stretch, expand and enhance your technical knowledge and through our quarterly publication, Wells Landers Quarterly, a way to showcase that knowledge to a wide community of readers.

At the start of your career with Wells Landers, a Career Development Plan is designed for you and all progress is mapped. This provides a specific path for you to reach your goals, and realize your full potential whether the plan includes specialized technologies, management, or business development goals, we work with you to accelerate your progress.

Each career path at Wells Landers brings its unique rewards, from commissioned sales, leadership roles, to technical sabbaticals- Wells Landers believes that you should realize the potential that is unique to you.



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